Daniel Mustran Freehand Pipes

Daniel Mustran Freehand Pipes

Daniel Mustran is one of the world's most sought-after and interesting pipe makers. From his home country Croatia he has learned a lot in recent years and has refined his own style.

To describe his pipes as "classic" would be an outright insult, because they are anything but that. Nevertheless, they are perfectly crafted and technically made and at the highest level imaginable.

Some mouthpieces are made from "Chris Kelly Resin" which is much softer than acrylic but doesn't oxidize.

Creativity, a knack for haptics and having fun with design are the attributes that significantly characterize Daniel Mustran's work.

These freehand pipes are definitely more than just smoking devices. They radiate the artistic approach abundantly. Nevertheless, they are constructed in such a way that you can smoke them absolutely flawlessly and with great pleasure.

If you have a heart for absolutely unique one-offs, you have come to the right place.

By the way, we are the only dealer in the world who offers these pipes with a 9mm drilling!

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