Peterson House Pipe

Peterson House Pipe

If you're looking for some seriously big pipes, you'll find them right here! Peterson House Pipes are made in Irleland in the Peterson pipe factory in Dublin.

And sometimes they find a really huge piece of briar in the sacks. That's a perfect piece meant to be a house pipe. And this is also the reason why this pipes are never available in big stocks. Those big chunks of briar are hard to find.

They are mainly made in two classic shapes: a straight billard and a bent, each with sterling silver band and vulcanite mouthpiece. Sandblasted, rustic, and smooth finishes are possible.

As usual for the German market: All pipes are made for 9mm filters.

Grab a book, a cup of tea and enjoy your evening with your House Pipe.

  • Peterson of Dublin - Silverartist
    In diesem kleinen Film von Otto+Kopp wird den Pfeifenmachern von Peterson einmal über die Schulter geschaut. Begleitet wird der Herstellungsprozess vom Holz-Klotz zur fertigen Edel-Pfeife.

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