Stanwell relief

Stanwell Relief Pipes

When you look at a Stanwell Relief it becomes quickly clear why it's named like that. The surface of this pipes looks like hill and valley.

This effect ist obtained by a sandblasting cabinet. Quartzsand, glasspowder or tiny metal pieces are blasted with high pressure on the wooden surface. Harder parts stay as they are, softer parts are blown away.

A rugged surface is created which is very characteristical for sandblasted pipes.

For many it's not only the extraordinary look, but also "touchable Woodgrain", which feels wonderfully in our hands.

Well known classics that are designed by legendary Danish pipemakers can be found in this collection. Shape 234 is made by Poul Winslow, Shapes 95 and 15 by Sixten Ivarsson, Shape 182 is from the Bang Workshop.

Mouthpieces are made from acrylic and have a filter.

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