Teddy Knudsen Pipes

Teddy Knudsen pipes

Teddy Knudsen is probably one of the best-known names in the world of pipes and one of an illustrious circle of pipe makers who are mostly sold out before they even start their pipes. He learned his craft from Anne Julie, because his older brother Sven was already working there when Poul Rasmussen was there, but left the workshop in 1959. Teddy has been a freelance pipemaker since 1970, first with his brother and has his very own style developed.

In 1973, Teddy wanted to stand on his own two feet and decided to no longer work with his brother. Besides his own style, his special approach to pipe making is what makes his pipe so special. Usually there is a large number of pipes in various stages of processing on Teddy's workbench, because one thing is very important to him: Teddy only works on a pipe if he is inspired to shape exactly this pipe. So it can happen that pipes that have been started lie unfinished on the workbench for weeks, months or even years and at some point Teddy takes them in his hands, the moment is just right and he remembers how to continue.

This, together with Teddy's penchant for absolute perfection, is certainly one of the reasons why his production is limited to less than 100 pipes a year. A very small proportion of Teddy's Freehand pipes have such an outstanding grain that he uses a special stamp for them: The eagle.

These Eagle Pipes have been among the most beautiful but also rarest pipes on the global market for years.

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