Danske Club Pipe Tobacco

Danske Club Pipetobacco

Simply Danish - this is how the character of the pipe tobacco series from Danske Club can be described in two words. For it is above all its flavouring that makes this pipe tobacco unmistakable. Predominantly Virginia, Burley and Black Cavendish form the basis of the excellently blended blends of light to medium strength. Added to this are noble flavours of the most diverse directions - whether vanilla or cherry, brandy or caramel.

With Black (formerly Black Luxury), Danske Club has an undisputed classic in its range. For more than three decades, pipe lovers have appreciated it for its mildness, the full aroma and the pleasant fragrance with which it fills the room. It combines ten different tobaccos, which, fermented twice, result in a deep black, perfectly balanced blend, refined with vanilla for a crowning finish. The Black Luxury was at the very beginning of Danske Club's series, which has been constantly expanded since then.

Danske Club Ruby (formerly Cherry) and Danske Club Sungold (formerly Vanilla) are also very popular. Here, too, first-class tobaccos are combined with a rich aroma. And with the White Roses variety, a remarkable variety of flavours has been achieved. Vanilla, various tropical fruits, caramel and brandy combine to create a highly complex flavour, which is further enhanced by the addition of white rose petals.

The versatile range of Danske Club should be worth a try for every friend of Danish blends. And for those who are enthusiastic about Danske Club, the series by Stanwell and Dan Tabacco as well as the W.O. Larsen Black Diamond are also worth a try. Larsen Black Diamond are also recommended.

  • Tabakaromen fur Anfanger
    Die Vielfalt an Pfeifentabaken kann für einen Anfänger ziemlich erdrückend wirken. Wo soll man da anfangen? Unser Pfeifenexperte Christian Probst versucht einen kleinen Überblick über die Aromensorten zu geben und hat ein paar Tabake rausgesucht, die sich gut eignen um die verschiedenen Aromenbereiche zu erkunden.

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