Dunhill Pipe Tobacco

Dunhill Pipe Tobacco

In summer 2018, the brand owner decided to no longer sell tobacco products under this label. Thus, unbelievably, the much-loved and very popular Dunhill pipe tobaccos (the cigars too, by the way!) were taken off the market.

When you might find here Dunhill pipetobacco, they are only remainers. These tobaccos are not langer made under the Dunhill Label.

The brand owner wants The name Dunhill stands not only for the best craftsmanship in pipe making, but also for premium pipe tobaccos of a special kind. Over the years, the master blenders from the house of Dunhill have produced a whole collection of exquisite pipe tobaccos. These mostly rather spicy, medium to strong tobacco blends are particularly appreciated by experienced pipe lovers and friends of classic English tobaccos.

For the production of its pipe tobacco blends, the House of Dunhill uses only tobaccos from the best growing regions. Mixtures of excellent Virginia or Louisiana and Perique tobaccos are used for the blends of Dunhill pipe tobaccos. In addition, there are oriental-looking tobaccos, such as the Turkish Orient, but also rather slightly sweet-tasting Cavendish tobacco. However, pipe smokers who prefer strongly flavoured varieties will not find what they are looking for here.

Dunhill takes a lot of time in the design of their elaborate and stylish pipe accessories, as well as in the composition of the tobacco mixtures. From cultivation and harvesting to ageing and fermentation, and even pressing if necessary, the tobaccos used are subject to the strictest controls. This is because the way the tobacco is produced has a considerable influence on the flavour. After the production of the different types of tobacco, it is once again the turn of the artisan. In order to produce a masterly blend, it is not only the selection of the exquisite ingredients that is important, but also and above all their perfect mixture, in order to compose a world-class pipe tobacco.

Here, too, Dunhill takes the time it needs to select the best from the various blueprints for future tobacco blends. In the process, a large number of tastings are held, during which the blends are put to the test again and further refined until they finally receive their name.

In addition to the exquisite Dunhill tobacco compositions, the brand's product portfolio also includes the more classic blends as well as an exquisite selection of flake tobaccos.

  • Neue Pfeifentabake von Dunhill
    Steven Kron von Dunhill Tobacco Ltd. beschreibt die letzten Wiederauflagen Ye Old Signe, Dark Flake und 221B Baker Street, und gibt Einblicke in deren Charakteristik
  • Tabakaromen fur Anfanger
    Die Vielfalt an Pfeifentabaken kann für einen Anfänger ziemlich erdrückend wirken. Wo soll man da anfangen? Unser Pfeifenexperte Christian Probst versucht einen kleinen Überblick über die Aromensorten zu geben und hat ein paar Tabake rausgesucht, die sich gut eignen um die verschiedenen Aromenbereiche zu erkunden.

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