Erinmore Pipe Tobacco

Erinmore Pipe Tobacco

The pipe tobaccos from Erinmore are a pleasing phenomenon, as they successfully counteract the concentration on the market of pipe tobaccos. Although the variety of tobaccos has also declined in recent years due to falling demand, Erinmore tobacco remains with us according to a tried and tested recipe.

Shortly after the millennium, the almost two-hundred-year-old manufacturing company Murray, Sons and Company was closed down, but in the meantime the Scandinavian Tobacco Group distributes the well-known varieties under the old brand name Erinmore. Some of the blends have been successfully established on the market for more than three decades without losing popularity. Followers of the brand appreciate the traditional taste, which clearly stands out from newfangled, predominantly flavoured pipe tobaccos.

The Erinmore Flake consists of mature Virginia, mixed with Burley and other dark, air-cured tobaccos. This results in a strong and spicy blend. The Erinmore Mixture offers a somewhat milder alternative. Its blend of Virginia, Burley and a sweetish Black Cavendish is characterised above all by a slow burn. All in all, both offshoots of the Erinmore family stand for a straightforward, down-to-earth smoke.

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