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At Mac Baren, tobacco is a family affair - and now in its fifth generation. The company dynasty was founded as early as 1887 by Harald Halberg, who ran a cigar and tobacco factory under his name in Svendborg, Denmark, which eventually passed to his sons.

However, Jørgen Halberg, a grandson of Harald, is responsible for the Mac Baren pipe tobacco that achieved worldwide fame. He stayed in America during the Second World War and learned about industrial tobacco production in the United States. Back in Europe, he brought his acquired knowledge into the family business. The stay in the New World had inspired Jørgen to create new blends; at home he gave free rein to his creative ideas and experimented with a wide variety of recipes. As a result, the first tobaccos came onto the market under the name Mac Baren, which were clearly superior to the usual Danish varieties in terms of quality and taste. The Mixture Scottish Blend deserves special mention among them. On sale since 1958, it is still the most popular pipe tobacco in the world. Its recipe, one of the strictest secrets of tobacco production, is said to contain 35 different tobaccos from different countries.

It is due to the success of Mac Baren tobaccos that the name was transferred from the product to the entire company in 1995. Nevertheless, the Mac Baren Tobacco Company A/S, as it is now called, is still wholly owned by the Halberg family; meanwhile, Henrik, a great-great-grandson of Harald, runs the business. Under his direction, the company with its 140 employees has developed into a modern enterprise that combines contemporary management and flat hierarchies with the philosophy of a family business.

For Mac Baren, identification and responsibility are prerequisites for the common goal, namely the highest standards of quality. And this goes far beyond the factory gate. Even the raw materials are carefully selected, and a special cutting technique avoids coarse leaf veins in the product. Varieties such as Club Blend are even harvested by hand in the old fashioned way. Mac Baren works closely with trusted tobacco growers to ensure consistent taste and the usual quality.

Nothing is left to chance in the processing either. Proven experts are responsible for the blends, and craftsmanship is a top priority in the production process. The quality of the products from Mac Baren is not only appreciated by end customers, but also by well-known pipe tobacco manufacturers who have their products made in the Svendborg factory.

When it comes to taste, Mac Baren's very special and very different recipes are difficult to summarise under a common label. The versatile assortment covers an immensely broad spectrum. In many blends, a pleasant, light honey scent stands out, which many pipe lovers associate with Mac Baren.

A popular method of the Danish company is to enhance the natural taste of the tobacco by means of flavours. Therefore, Mac Baren has a wide range of flavoured varieties. However, there are also natural tobaccos on offer, such as spicy flake blends. So everyone should look for their personal favourites at Mac Baren, because the selection varies immensely: whether mild or strong, natural and English, or whether they prefer the rich aroma of vanilla or cherry - almost every taste is catered for at Mac Baren.

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