W.O. Larsen Tobacco of the year

W.O. Larsen Tobacco of the year

On special occasions, it may also be a special pipe pleasure. For this reason, the W.O.Larsen company creates a tobacco every year that already stands out from the regular assortment with its packaging: It comes in an elaborately designed decorative box, each a small work of art in its own right, and its appearance alone arouses curiosity about the upcoming smoke.

And the pipe lover will certainly not be disappointed. It is no longer a secret that the master blenders at Larsen know their craft very well. But how creative they really are, they prove in the annual tobaccos.

Here, in the unusual blends, their joy in experimentation is revealed. Whether the sweet aromas of tropical fruits combine with rum, or whether a strong Black Cavendish meets fine white rose petals - there seem to be no limits to their imagination.

And as always at Larsen, the annual tobaccos naturally meet the highest standards, both in terms of the selection of raw materials and the processing of the blend. Let us surprise you!

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