W.O. Larsen Selected Blend

W.O. Larsen Selected Blend

Larsen - for pipe lovers, this name stands for tradition and quality in equal measure. Because the brand combines both in a unique way: Founded in 1864 by Wilhelm Ockenholt Larsen - hence the abbreviation in the brand name - the company from Copenhagen quickly made a name for itself as a manufacturer of first-class pipes. But blending exquisite tobaccos was also one of the company's specialities early on.

This was also appreciated by the Danish court, which Larsen supplied. The crown in the company logo is still a reminder of this royal past. In the meantime, Larsen belongs to the Scandinavian Tobacco Group, and the production of pipes has been almost completely discontinued. Not, however, the production of the wide range of pipe tobaccos, which enjoys numerous followers. It is above all the variety of different blends that distinguishes Larsen - especially when it comes to flavoured tobaccos.

Accordingly, it is difficult to reduce the diverse range to a common denominator, because the variety is too great for that. What one can always say about Larsen, however, is that all W.O. Larsen pipe tobaccos stand out for their high-quality ingredients and depth of flavour.

The Selected Blend series is sometimes spicy, but still mild. Malawi, Brazilian and Mexican tobaccos also dominate. You can expect coffee, caramel or maple syrup flavours, which combine excellently with the raw tobaccos.

The room notes of the series are overall very pleasant - not too sweet, but finely aromatic. At the same time, their scent is restrained and does not seem obtrusive at all, even to non-smoking contemporaries.

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