Vauen Dr. Perl

Vauen Dr.Perl 9mm Filter

1934, the hour of birth of the 9 mm activated carbon filter

For many pipe smokers it is a matter of course, but in fact, it is a fairly recent invention compared to the long history of the pipe: In 1934 the Vauen company brought the first 9 mm activated carbon filter onto the market. With this innovation, the Nuremberg company, to whom we owe the use of wooden bowl whistles, revolutionized whistling culture. At least in this country, the filter has become indispensable. Outside of Germany, however, it is not very common.

Pros and cons of pipe filters

What began a little less than a hundred years ago can now be found in the perfectly formed Dr. Perl activated carbon filter from Vauen again. Because the benefits are hard to deny. Pipe filters largely clean the smoke of harmful ingredients such as tar or nicotine and ensure a rather mild to pleasantly light smoking pleasure. However, there is also the small and not entirely negligible disadvantage that pipe filters create additional draw resistance, which requires the smoker to take a stronger puff when enjoying the pipe.

Dr Perl pipe filter from Vauen

The former 9 mm activated carbon filters from the Vauen brand, as they first appeared on the market in 1934, are still available today in a revised and improved new edition under the name Dr. Perl pipe filter available. The new activated charcoal filters now have a significantly improved filter effect with very low draw resistance at the same time. The sleeve made of chlorine-free bleached filter paper and the dust-free activated carbon remove a large amount of the moisture contained in the tobacco from the smoke and thus ensure an increased reduction in harmful substances. 

With the activated carbon filters from the Vauen brand, a very mild to pleasantly light smoking experience is guaranteed.

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