Tsuge Pipetool

Tsuge Pipetools

Tsuge Ichirin tamper

Japanese bamboo tamper.

Worth knowing about the brand

In 1936, the company's founder, Kyoichiro Tsuge, began producing ivory cigarette holders. Shortly after World War II, when the American occupiers made the whistle popular in Japan, Tsuge began to expand the production to include pipes. In the early 1970's he sent some of his most talented craftsmen to the workshops of Sixten Ivarson and Jorgen Larsen to learn the art of making freehand pipes. As early as the early 1980s, the handmade "Ikebana" were also successfully sold abroad.

To this day, these pipes enjoy cult status among collectors. They are extremely rare and sought after. The top pieces achieve prices in the five-digit range. In addition to the freehand pieces, Tsuge also produces factory pipes. The pipes with the coveted Japanese bamboo are particularly beautiful.

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