Bolivar cigars belong to the strongest and most aromatic of all Habanos. The brand is appreciated by experts and experienced smokers due to their powerful and distinctive taste. All shapes of the brand are characterized by heavy earthy aromas combined with a fruity, citrus-like note. The production still takes place in the Partagas factory situated in the heart of Havana.

We recommend  the Belicosos Finos for Newcomers, a pyramid with a ring gauge of 52 and a length of 140 mm. The Belicosos capable of the full range of flavors for the brand to convey a particularly mild type.  The Belicosos are available in units of 25 pieces either in the colorful wooden box with hinged lid or in the cabinet with sliding lid. We recommend the cabinet version, because of a better maturing of the cigars in the box.

The Royal Coronas, a classic Robusto, is one of the most popular cigar brands. In comparison to the other Bolivar cigars, the Royal Coronas are medium strong, which provides a rich balanced smoking experience with the typical Bolivar flavor. This cigar is available in a practical Tube .

For  more experienced smokers  we recommend the Coronas Extra, a Francisco with a 143 mm length and a rarely found ring gauge of 44. It is one of the strongest Bolívar cigars, with strong earthy tobacco flavors and a high complexity. The situation is similar with the Coronas Gigantes, a Julieta No. 2 (Churchill), which fits perfectly with a long evening after a good meal due to their size.

Two special highlights in the Bolivar portfolio are the two Ediciónes Regionales from the year 2009. Two very different and rare shapes were launched exclusively for the German market. The Quinta Avenida is a multi-decade made El Conde 109,  184 mm long with a ring gauge of 50. The special feature of the shape is the cone-shaped head. Only the best Torcedor of the Partagas factory can produce this old Vitola. The 5ta Avenida is available in a box with a charge of 20 cigars or in a limited edition Porcelain Jar (20 psc).

With Especiales No. 2, a almost legendary cigar, has been resurrected. The stylish, slim Delicados with a 38 ring gauge and a length of 192 mm was produced from the early 80s till the mid of 70s in small numbers and is regarded by collectors as one of the most precious rarities. The launched edition is placed in a box wrapped in a aluminum foil like the original ones, which guarantees a consistent maturing. The Especiales No. 2 is a cigar for connoisseurs, to be smoked with caution and patience. Then the Especiales No. 2 rewards the aficionado with a one to two and a half hour smoking experience of a special kind, with a very amazing balance of typical Bolivar flavors.


About the brand

In 1902, nearly a century after the death of Simón Bolívar, a Spanish businessman living in Havana paid tribute to the Hero in using his name for a brand of Habanos which is today one of the marks most in demand, especially in Great Britain. It is not surprising then that said cigars are made of leaves whose character symbolizes the brave personality of the Latin American hero.

In 1954 the brand was sold to the Cifuentes family and the production moved to the Partagás factory, which has not changed since the revolution until today. The brand has been produced without interruption since its inception, and in the format portfolio, there were few changes.

The most famous collector’s cigar is the legendary Gold Medal, half wrapped in gold foil Lonsdale. The cigar with their original blending (last production with the original blend was in 1992), is one of the strongest. Since 2004, there are always new editions in small numbers. The last stopped edition of 2007 was a balanced taste, but rather mild version of the original. Production ceased in 2011.

  • Tasting: Bolivar Coronas Extra Cabinet & Romeo y Julieta Wide Churchill
    Marc Benden und Mitarbeiter Niko Alexandridis verkosten diesmal zwei Habanas. Zum einen testet Marc die Bolivar Corona Extra aus der Cabinet-Kiste. Eine kräftige Pfeffrige Zigarre. Niko raucht diesmal eine etwas mildere Habana, die Romeo & Julieta Wide Churchill.

Manufacturing types

Logo Abkürzung Beschreibung
MM MM Machine Made (vollkommen von Maschinen hergestellte Zigarren, daher das Fabriksymbol)
HAM HAM Hecho a Mano, d.h. dies ist eine Mischform – die Einlage mit der Maschine, das Deckblatt von Hand überrollt
TAF TAF Totalmente a Mano, d.h. komplett von Hand hergestellt ABER mit gerissener Einlage (dies ist die offizielle Bezeichnung der Kubaner dafür)
TAM TAM Totalmente a Mano, komplett von Hand hergestellt mit ganzen Blättern

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