Cohiba Cigars

Cohiba Cigars

The Cohiba represents the summit of the cigar brand portfolio of Habanos SA. Cohiba is the figurehead of the Cuban cigar industry, yes, probably the most famous cigar in the world. The Espléndidos or the legendary Lanceros, Fidel Castro's favorite cigar, are known far beyond the borders of habanophile cigar smokers.

High quality production and full flavors of Cohiba cigars

All shapes are rolled in the El Laguito factory. The best Torcedores of Cuba are honored to work in this factory.

In contrast to the usual method there is an additional third fermentation. In Addition the Seco and Ligero are matured for a further 18 months in cedar barrels. Thus, the Cohiba gets its distinctive taste, characterized by grassy notes, which are accompanied by strong aromas such as vanilla, cocoa and coffee.

The classic line of cigars can be classified from moderate to strong. For beginners, the Siglo II, which represents the full flavor of a Cohiba on a mild way, without overwhelming the inexperienced smokers with too much complexity and earthiness is recommended. Anyone looking for this, the recommended are the Robusto and the Espléndidos.

About the brand Cohiba

According to a legend a cigar was offered of this format to Fidel Castro by one of his bodyguards in 1963. The bodyguard named Chicho got this from a fellow Torcedor named Eduardo River. He was rolling these for his own use or for friends. The cigar impressed Castro that he hired Rivera as his personal cigar roller. From 1964, Castro gave away this cigar, still without a name and with personal stamps, under diplomatic gift to foreign statesmen. In 1967 the production of the Cohibas began in the El Laguito factory.

The name reffers to the days of Christopher Columbus, where the Taino Indians called their cigars Cohiba. There were only produced three shapes, Laguito No. 1-3,  Lancero, Corona Especiales, Panatela.

  • Habanos Neuheiten 2012 | Inter-tabac 2012 Teil 1
    Christoph Puszkar und Marc Benden stellen die neuen Habanos vor. Ein paar echte Schmankerln sind dabei.
  • Cohiba Siglo VI Gran Reserva 2003
    Heute packen wir mal eine Kiste Cohiba Siglo IV Gran Reserva 2003 aus. Warum der Preis von 85,- Euro das Stück dennoch gerechtfertigt sein kann erklärt Marc Benden in diesem Video.


Logo Abkürzung Beschreibung
MM MM Machine Made (vollkommen von Maschinen hergestellte Zigarren, daher das Fabriksymbol)
HAM HAM Hecho a Mano, d.h. dies ist eine Mischform – die Einlage mit der Maschine, das Deckblatt von Hand überrollt
TAF TAF Totalmente a Mano, d.h. komplett von Hand hergestellt ABER mit gerissener Einlage (dies ist die offizielle Bezeichnung der Kubaner dafür)
TAM TAM Totalmente a Mano, komplett von Hand hergestellt mit ganzen Blättern

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