Partagás is one of the oldest and most famous cigar brands in Cuba. All cigars of this wide-ranging portfolio are classified as moderate to strong, with earthy and peppery aromas  with a firm tobacco flavor. The famous Partagás factory in the heart of Havana is a popular destination not only for aficionados.

Our recommendation for getting into the brand is also one of the best, maybe the best Cuban Double Corona, the Lusitania. With its 50 ring gauge and a length of 184 mm, it requires a deliberate opportunity to give her up to two and a half hours of attention. The time spent will be rewarded with an incomparable smoking experience. Spicy aromas of coffee and cocoa mixed with a slight sweet note. The experience of taste increases continuously along the length. The Lusitania is among the mild cigars of the portfolio a very recommendable cigars for beginners due to the excellent taste.

The most popular model of the brand is a little bit stronger, the Serie D No. 4. This classic Robusto (ring gauge 50, length 124 mm) fits perfectly after a hefty meal, combined with a good rum. It counts across brands of the world's most popular Robustos, and is also available in a practical tube. Their slightly shorter sister, Serie D No. 5, composed of the same tobacco blend.

If you like it even more powerful and elegant at the same time, we recommend the Presidente. This Figurado represents the classic Partagás flavor. During the smoke the Presidente is extremely varied due to their unusual size.

The Minuto shape (ring gauge 42, length 110 mm) also surprised with a very strong, earthy and peppery flavor. It is available in box of 25 or 50 in the cabinet. We recommend the cabinet version.

Last but not least we recommend a classic of the brand the 8-9-8. This (ring gauge 43, length 170 mm) owe their name due to the nature of its packaging. They are offered in a painted wooden box in three layers to play 8-9-8. They also present the typical Partagas flavor, are elegant in the hand and also mature exceptionally well in the airtight box.


About the brand Partagas

In 1845, the Spaniard Don Jaime Partagás Ravelo built a huge cigar factory in the 60 Industria Street in Havana, named Real Fábrica de Tabaco Partagás. Even if the house number changed later in 520, this building is still in operation at the same location, thus producing the oldest cigar factory in Cuba. In addition to the Capitolio it is one of the landmarks of the city and is one of the most popular tourist destinations.

Even at the lifetime of Don Jaime, the business must be run excellent. It was  a very large factory for this time. Partagás himself lent the term "Manufacture Royale" to his factory, because he supplied important personalities and members of the Arab and European Royal Houses with cigars. One reason for his success was the fact that he possessed some of the best plantations in the Vuelta Abajo tobacco and had the possibility to choose the best tobaccos for the production. He was also one of the first producers who experimented with different types of fermentation and tobacco with a longer maturing. In addition, he is regarded as the first factory owner who featured a reader to his employees to make their work less monotonous and to give them some educational measures.

Legend has it brought that he was shot at the height of his career on one of his plantations and died shortly thereafter due to a dramatical love affair.

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