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Adriano Martinez Rius The Great Book of the Habano

Adriano Martinez Rius The Great Book of the Habano

The Great Book Of The Habano
El Gran Libro Del Habano

by Adriano Martinez Rius

His new work, The Great Book Of The Habano, is the most complete work of this author, a wide panorama of the Habano world, a journey from its historical roots, the way it is produced, its different presentations, as well as an approach to the Habano commercial, legal and marketing ambits, sourrounding this Cuban jewel.

Adriano Martinez Rius, the author, an economist specialized in Marketing and Finance, was for fifty years, the advisor of various Presidents of Cubatabaco and Habanos s.a. His work has allowed him to witness the most important decisions taken both organizations during the period of 1985 to 1995, a decade of important changes in the commercial and financing of Cubatobacos, and later Habanos s.a.

Wichtiger Hinweis:
Das Buch ist bilingual abgefasst. Der Text ist sowohl in englischer als auch in spanischer Sprache!

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