Competence in matters of pleasure

Since 2004 is also available in Germany, a new trademark for tobacco shops that run through their range, their expertise and their passion for Habanos entitled "Habanos Specialist". Support of this concept is the 5THAvenue Products Trading GmbH, official exclusive importer of Habanos in Germany.

As "Habanos Specialist" we have for you a very extensive range of Habanos willing to come selected specialties and to ensure optimal storage for maturation of the unique Cuban tobacco. We also get a "Habanos Specialist" the exclusive reference possibility of different Habanos and for example, a right of first refusal on new product launches, annual Edicion Limitada and other specialties.

In "Habanos Specialist" will be used by Habanos SA authorized imports offered. They are recognizable by the control number 34 302 on the tax band and the golden "5THAvenue seal" that shows the outline of Cuba. For security against pests vouched 5THAvenue Products.

  With your purchase you will all Habanos Habanos Specialist always skilled worker as a contact person. Therefore organized 5THAvenue Products for "Habanos Specialist" special Cigarrenschulungen where owners and employees of businesses participate. There extensive product knowledge for the best advice be taught once a year will also be a conference for "Habanos Specialist", is informed about the new products, current developments and future projects.

The title "Habanos Specialist" will be awarded the contracts for one year. Annually, this award will be reissued after the review by the 5THAvenue.