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How can I reset my password ?

To reset your password, click on the link " Forgot your password ? ".


Now insert the E-Mail address that was used to register, and click on the button " Get my password ".

You'll receive a mail with the new password. Depending on the settings of your e-mail account, it is possible that this e-mail is moved to the spam section.


We reccomend that the password is typed in manually, if it is copied there is sometimes a space that corrupts the entry, so the system won't accept it.


After a delay of a maximum of 15 minutes the password is active and you are able to log in, then change the password again to one of your choice.

Can I pay by direct debit on my first order?

Payment by direct debit we offer only apply from your second order!

This was necessary because in the past often lack of payment discipline has led to problems. Thus avoidable bank charges incurred.
We also want to continue to operate with good service and low prices.

Is there mold on the cigar?

In most cases it is just a 'natural' efflorescence, especially with habanos and inside tubes this happens quite often. This natural efflorescence, or bloom, can be completely removed from the cigars cover and leaves no traces.

Mold on the other hand has a very sharp and unpleasent scent and leaves noticeable marks on the cigars cover when trying to remove the bloom.

Another evidence for Mold is the settle on the burning end of the cigar, from there it traces along the cigar.

Here you will find a small "novel" on the subject cigars-blossom from a proven expert

Liefern Sie mir Tabakwaren nach Österreich?


Es ist Firmen und Händlern untersagt Tabakwaren nach Österreich zu senden.
Wir haben daher den Versand nach Österreich einstellen müssen.

Do you ship to Turkey?

No. The shipment of tobacco products to Turkey is not allowed.  

Why have I not received a reply to my email?

If you think you haven't received an email from, please take a look into your spam folder. Especially with the "EMAIL MADE IN GERMANY" providers (, telecom, this may be the case.

You can be sure that we will, apart from bank holidays, reply within 24 hours.

Return a product

It may happen that a product does not meet your expectations. If that happens contact the cigarworld staff by mail or phone.

They will provide you with a shipping label to send the product back without further costs for you.

I want to know if a product is in stock again

If a product is not in stock, but you want to be informed once it is in stock again, just click the envelope marked with an 'i'.

You will be asked to enter your E-Mail adress, done!

You will be notified once the product is in stock again.

Why can't i choose PayPal for my payment.

PayPal refuses to process payments for tobacco goods.

Therefore we can not offer PayPal as a payment method.

What are the shipping costs?

The shipping costs depends on the amount of your order.

For further information visit following link:

Customer recruit Customer - Benefit twice!

You are satisfied as a customer of And you know someone who hasn't heard of us yet?

Then recommend to him with a gift card, that you can order for free.

The recruited customer can use this gift card at any time in his order (at a minimum order amount of EUR 50,00 and only with a registered customer account created) and receive a high quality cutter with two blades (Made in Germany) and on top a Montecristo Edmundo in tube to try and enjoy.

And your benefit? As soon as one of your gift cards is redeemed you receive a voucher of EUR 5,00 (at a minimum order amount of EUR 50,00)

What are the abbreviation TAM TAF HAM und MM?

Those describe the different ways of production:

TAM = Totalmente a mano (Handmade Longfiller)
TAF = Totalmente a mano  (Handmade Shortfiller)
HAM = Hecho a mano         (Handmade in Cuba)
MM  = Machine Made

Defekter Karton?

Sollten sie einmal einen defekten Karton überreicht bekommen, nehmen sie diesen bitte nicht an.

So können wir den Transporteur haftbar machen. Wird der Karton von Ihnen angenommen, liegt der Schadensersatz an sie bei uns.

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