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Vauen pipes - filters, tobacco and accessories

The company based in Nuremberg, with its Vauen pipes, tobacco, filters and accessories, stands for the passion for enjoyable time in an increasingly hectic world.

Vauen has been manufacturing pipes for all lovers of smoking under the name Vauen since 1909. But the company's history begins much earlier. Karl Ellenberger and Carl August Ziener, both trained wood turners, founded the first German pipe manufacture in Nuremberg as early as 1848. Contrary to the then widespread trend of clay bowl pipes, their business idea was based on the production of comparatively robust wooden head pipes. From now on only exquisite briar woods from the Mediterranean area were used for these.

Due to the increasing demand in Germany and overseas, another factory was opened in Nuremberg by Gebhard Ott as early as 1866. These two Nuremberg manufacturers merged in 1901 to form the United Pipe Factory Nuremberg (VPFN). Under the leadership of Ernst Eckert, a descendant of the Ott family, the previously unmistakable abbreviation 'VPNF' was finally replaced by the name 'VAUEN'. This, made up of the first letter 'V' for 'Vereinigte Pfeifenfabriken' and an 'N' for the city of the company's headquarters in Nuremberg, has been the international inspiration for traditional pipe-making craftsmanship 'Made in Germany' ever since. When Alexander Eckert took over the management in 1982, the fifth generation started to run the oldest pipe factory in Germany.


The production of each Vauen pipe takes place in several work steps. First, the raw bodies or the pipe bowl made of briar wood from the serially produced collections are produced with a copy milling machine. Then each pipe is individually neatly handcrafted with the stem. Depending on the collection, very valuable waxes or high-quality multiple lacquers are used for the finish in order to give them their optical finishing touch. The mouthpieces are mostly made of acrylic or ebonite. In addition to the use of the very widespread normal bite mouthpieces, some of the brand's models also feature fishtail and lip bite („P-Lip“) mouthpieces, which have now become rare. For applications such as the decorative ring, there are sometimes very precious to rare materials such as horn, rose and rosewood, but also silver and gold. In the more exclusive lines, the tradition of using meerschaum inserts, which have become extremely rare, is continued from time to time.

Innovation & tradition

In addition to the already mentioned innovative idea of processing elegant and at the same time very robust wooden bowl pipes, which has grown into a tradition of its own, Vauen has once again revolutionized the market. With the introduction of the 9 mm activated carbon filter in 1934, a lasting trend towards a pleasantly cool and softened smoking experience was set. Almost 95% of the pipe models sold in Germany today have a 9 mm filter drilling.

Vauen product portfolio

The product portfolio of the Nuremberg family business is characterized above all by creativity, variation and diversity. Models that revive the classic elegance of past centuries can also be found, as well as those collections that have dedicated themselves entirely to modernity with their trend-conscious and sometimes futuristic design. Nevertheless, every Vauen pipe is made with the same attention to detail and using high quality materials.

In addition to the large number of different series models, which have a stylistically appropriate answer ready for everyone, whether young or old, time is also taken for the elaboration of special orchids of the pipe art, such as the Vauen pipes of the year or the artfully crafted Auenland series.

Vauen starter set

Anyone looking for a first introduction to the traditional passion of smoking is well advised with the Vauen pipe starter sets. For several years now, the company has been offering its entry-level sets at an extremely fair entry-level price. Starting with a pipe model, to cleaning agents, filters and cutlery, it contains everything you need to embark on your first journey into the wide world of as yet undiscovered enjoyment. But watch out, due to the great demand, the starter sets always sell out very quickly. All Pipes in the starter sets are made in Germany. 

Vauen pipes of the year

Every year the company brings a strictly limited annual pipe collection onto the market. These are not only characterized by a comparatively high processing quality and the selection of exquisite, mostly rare and very valuable raw materials, but also impress with their particularly distinctive design characteristics. In addition, the collections of each year complement each other with their complementary applications and colors, so that they also exert a special incentive on all collectors. All pipes of the year are stamped with the year of their manufacture and have an engraved, consecutive numbering.

Shire pipes collection

Both the fantasy trilogy of John Ronald Reuel Tolkien, the Lord of the Rings as well as its prehistory, The Little Hobbit (original title: The Hobbit or There and Back Again), hold not just since the youngest film adaptations, big and small in breathing. For everyone who appreciates the stories from the legendary Middle-earth, populated by magic and mythical creatures, Vauen already acquired the naming rights for the production of the pipe series named after the country of origin of the hobbits, the Shire, a few years ago.

The various models in the Vauen Auenland series bear the names of the heroes from Tolkien's great stories. Characters like Aragon, Bilbo, Gandalf and Gimli can be found here again. But also somewhat lesser known figures like Eron, Friddo, Gilg and Hugg are the inspiration for these atmospheric pipes of the Shire line with their names.

In terms of shape and color, as well as the use of the appropriate materials, these models take any smoking enthusiast with a weakness for the imaginative stories of J. R. R. Tolkien on a dream trip, directly to Middle-earth. Each Auenland pipe, as well as all Auenland pipe tamper, are manufactured according to the same high standards of choice of materials and processing quality that are characteristic of Vauen. To make every trip to the remote Shire perfect, Vauen also has the right tobacco ready with Shire The Shire pipe tobacco.

Vauen pipe tobacco

In addition to the Auenland blends already mentioned, the Nuremberg-based company also has an extensive selection of different Vauen quality tobacco products in its range. In addition to the classically widespread compositions such as the English Blend or the Virginia Flake, the tobacco portfolio could also be expanded to include other very aromatic to fruity pipe tobacco. Added to this are the brand's limited anniversary blends, the creation of which the creators take particularly long to put together these truly unique blends. Every Vauen pipe tobacco is subject to the strictest control procedures in order to be able to guarantee consistently high quality.

Vauen pipe accessories

In addition to its pipe collections, the Nuremberg manufacturer also produces the right accessories for comfortable smoking. From artfully processed pipe tampers and elegantly designed pipe bags made of the finest leather, to pipe cleaners and the famous Dr. Pearl pipe filters, the product portfolio has everything that today's discerning pleasure smoker needs in order to fully indulge in his passion. You will find the entire product portfolio in the Cigarworld Vauen Shop. From the latest special collections to tobacco to the brand's exquisite accessories.

Vauen Dr. Pearl 9 mm activated carbon filter

As already mentioned, the Vauen company not only revolutionized the German pipe market once. With the introduction of the Vauen 9 mm pipe filters, a trend towards pipe enjoyment that continues to this day was established. The advantage of pipe filters is obvious. Pollutants such as tar or nicotine are filtered out of the smoke to a significant extent. However, the disadvantage of using pipe filters should not go unmentioned. The filter itself creates additional draw resistance, so that the mouthpiece has to be pulled harder while the pipe is being enjoyed than is the case with non-filter pipes.

The Vauen 9 mm activated carbon filters are now available under the name of Dr. Pearl pipe filters and enjoy widespread washing popularity among friends of pipe smoking. The Dr. Pearl 9 mm activated charcoal filters from Vauen are today, as they were almost a hundred years ago, the garnet for pleasantly mild smoking pleasure.

Nevertheless, the use of pipe filters remains a trend reserved primarily for the German market. Therefore, when purchasing pipe models from international manufacturers, you should always pay attention to the information on the filter bore. Since most international pipe manufacturers outside Germany mostly produce pipes without a filter bore.


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