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Savinelli Pipes

The beginnings

Anyone who writes something about the history of Savinelli has to mention that the tradition of the entire family is in the tobacco and pipe trade. Because in 1876 Achille Savinelli Sr. was one of the first in Italy to open a pure tobacco and accessories store. The store in Milan quickly became very popular and a meeting place for numerous pipe smokers. At that time, pipes made of clay and meerschaum dominated the market, and pipes made of briar wood were still an exotic specialty. But Achille recognized the potential of the new material early on and had his designs made in the Varese region. These very early specimens had the "ASM" logo.

Achille Jr.

Achille Sr. handed the scepter over to his son Carlo, who ran the business for the next 50 years. He was known for his hospitality as well as his ability to cater to the individual needs of his customers. His son, Achille Jr., basically grew up in business and his world was ruled by the pipe from an early age. In the back of the premises he was working on new ideas and improvements to pipes. This is also where the very first "real" Savinelli pipes were made. When the Second World War broke out, Achille was called up for military service and got to know abroad. It was here that he realized that Italian pipes were mainly perceived as cheap consumer goods in other countries, and he wanted to change that. He decided not to re-enter his father's business, but to stand on his own two feet in order to set up a pipe production.

It was in 1947/48 when he and a few friends, including Enea Buzzi (Brebbia), started producing high-quality briar pipes in Varese. It took some stamina, however, because his Savinelli pipes were not an instant hit. The customers were initially skeptical whether more expensive pipes from Italy would also be appreciated by pipe smokers. But his stubbornness paid off, little by little more and more customers and distributions were won over. The rest is "history". Achille jr. passed the factory on to his son Giancarlo Savinelli, who is still running the company today.

The brand profile

Milestones for Savinelli were the introduction of the "Punto Oro" and "Gubileo d'Oro", which represented a real quality offensive and aimed directly at the buyers of high-quality English pipes. These Savinellis claimed not only to be equal, but even better. And whoever looks at the grain on these pipes knows to confirm this. In addition, there was an increased interest in hand-formed pipes in the 60s and 70s, which deviated from the usual classic. Savinelli took this into account by introducing the "Autograph" line, in which each pipe is unique. The "Line Artisan" was added later. These unique Savinelli pieces are particularly known for their expressive sandblasting and fine structure.

The aesthetics of the "conventional" Savinelli series is also very special. You can also find classic shapes such as billiards, bent and prince in the series. But the most successful forms here are the ones you designed for themselves, like the popular models 320 and 321, which have many fans among pipe smokers with their round bulging and compact appearance. Nowadays Savinelli pipes offer an unbeatable price-performance ratio and an authentic, individual design.

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