Vauen Pipe of the Year

Vauen Pipes of the Year

There are not many occasions to get pipesmokers exited annually. But the release of the new Vauen Pipe of the year is something pipesmokers looking very much forward, especially in Germany.

The manufactury from Nürnberg, Germany knows that very well and surprises every year with creativity, innovation and new ideas. Of course, Vauen pipes of the year always have sterling silver decoration - so something stays all the same.

Different from normal Vauen-Pipes, those pipes don't carry the white spot on the mouthpiece. They have a "crossed pipes" mark which is also made from sterling silver and is a hommage to the old company logo.

Each year a new shape is created that is available in different colours and surfaces. In the last years Vauen favours sandblasting before rustification.

A very small amount of extraordinarily grained pipes are available which are sold most immediately.

Bowls are turned only one single time so that you won't find that shape again in the normal collection.

*) All prices including 19% value added tax and all other legally prescribed taxes. The prices do not include shipping-costs. The old price is the former price in the online-store.

**) The displayed box-price includes 3% box-discount.