Blitz Pfeifenreiniger

Blitz pipecleaners

The Blitz pipe cleaner is perfect for everyday cleaning of your pipe. Thanks to its absorbent, soft cotton, it absorbs the condensate excellently, and thanks to its bristles, even stubborn dirt can be easily removed without leaving fluff in the pipe. The conical shape with a thicker end and a thinner end allows the Blitz pipe cleaner to clean pipes of any hole.

In terms of looks and versatility, the Blitz pipe cleaner is reminiscent of the Vauen cleaners. Although their model 504 is blue and white in color instead of red and white, it is very similar to the Blitz pipe cleaner. An obvious difference can only be seen in the color, but whether you tend towards red and white or blue and white may depend on your favorite football club. In any case, both pipe cleaners, both the one from Vauen and the one from Blitz, impress with their easy handling and first-class absorbency.

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