Jean Claude Pipe Cleaner

Jean Claude pipe cleaners

These pipe cleaners from Jean Claude are a bit tougher than average, this is achieved by using a thicker wire and also sturdier brushes. As a result, the cleaner bends less when cleaning the pipe. In addition to the cotton fibers, plastic bristles have been "built in" for an increased cleaning effect. This also reduces "fluff" and residue formation. Conclusion: High absorbency and an overall very good cleaning performance.

We're assuming the launch has to do with the unavailability of the popular Blitz pipe cleaner in the summer and fall of 2019. Hauser probably tried to find a replacement at short notice so that he could continue to supply his customers with a pipe cleaner with the same function. The distributor then also logically notes that this cleaner is made in Germany and that it is 17 centimeters long and around 1.5 centimeters longer than the lightning cleaner mentioned.....!

Edit 11/19/2020: Due to customer requests, we are supplementing the range with simple cotton cleaners, which are perfect for absorbing moisture, even while smoking.

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