Pleiades Classic

Pleiades Classic

When developing the Pléiades cigar its creator aimed at crafting a cigar which will fulfil all expectations a true aficionado may have. This cigar is a hand rolled Dominican. Longfiller from La Romana, thus originating from a country with long tradition in the cigar craftsmanship.cigars never lose their enticing charm as its exquisite composition yields a unique taste preferred by European connoisseurs for about a century. After a maturing process lasting several months the wrapper leaves are carefully selected and undergo a strict final checking. The cigars are packed in boxes made of solid wood. Each box contains a device (Mini-Humistat) which constantly controls the degree of humidity within the box thus the connoisseur receives perfect cigars guaranteeing an excellent smoking experience.

Manufacturing types

Logo Abkürzung Beschreibung
MM MM Machine Made (vollkommen von Maschinen hergestellte Zigarren, daher das Fabriksymbol)
HAM HAM Hecho a Mano, d.h. dies ist eine Mischform – die Einlage mit der Maschine, das Deckblatt von Hand überrollt
TAF TAF Totalmente a Mano, d.h. komplett von Hand hergestellt ABER mit gerissener Einlage (dies ist die offizielle Bezeichnung der Kubaner dafür)
TAM TAM Totalmente a Mano, komplett von Hand hergestellt mit ganzen Blättern

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