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Giordano is a trademark of the German pipe importer Aßmann from the City of Karlsruhe. The trading company founded in 1966 has always maintained close contact with Italian pipe makers. Many well-known brands found their way onto the German market (currently e.g. Mastro Beraldi). At the end of the 1990s, people were looking for ways to pursue their own ideas and to mass-produce pipes. Until now, the company had always limited itself to selling pipes from freehand pipe makers, as well as leather goods and other smoking accessories.

The birth of the brand

So, in 1999, the first Giordano pipes from Italian manufacturers found their way into specialist shops. And this with great success. Because every year new ideas and variants come onto the market. The motto here is "variety instead of mass". Because characteristic of the brand are numerous series and color variants, often in not too large quantities, in order to offer the market new incentives again and again.

Lots of manual work

The pipes are made with the help of machines, but with a high degree of manual work. Possibly even a higher level of handwork than more well-known brands. In this way you remain flexible enough to respond to changes and changed needs.

Great care is taken in the selection of the wood, because over the decades of traveling through Italy and visiting pipe makers on site, great competence in this area has been acquired.


Giordano covers a wide price range from very affordable to upscale. The surface design varies. Smooth, waxed, lacquered, rusticated and sandblasted series are offered. What all series have in common is the good, locally selected wood and the associated excellent smoking properties.