Does pipe tobacco need to be moistened?

The question of whether pipe tobacco needs to be humidified is always circulating in social media. Even at events, we get asked this question again and again.

Moist - but please not too much!

Cigar smokers know this topic from their brown treasures, but you should not treat your pipe tobacco like your cigars under any circumstances. So in the humidor, the tin of Mac Baren, Dunhill or Stanwell has lost nothing. Because there it would become much too moist, and probably spoil the humidor forever due to its own aroma.

Pipe tobacco is nowadays often delivered too moist. This has reasons, which are mainly to be found in the stock-keeping of the specialized dealers. A pouch of pipe tobacco can be stored in a small lottery and tobacco store for a year or more before it is sold. So to prevent drying out, manufacturers add a little more moisture to keep the tobacco fresh for a longer time. Fresh pouches or even tins should therefore not be moistened under any circumstances - unless the vacuum of the package has been damaged. Otherwise, the tobaccos should be allowed at least 24 to 48 hours "in the fresh air" to enjoy them optimally.

If pipe tobacco is too moist, it causes it to be difficult to light, makes loose plugging significantly more difficult, and the smoke becomes acrid, the pipe begins to collect moisture and goes out more often. In addition, one notices that the pipe becomes significantly hotter and the need for cleaning increases. Of course, the tobacco can also suddenly start to mold. In short, smoking tobacco that is too moist or thoughtlessly wetting pipe tobacco is not a good idea.

Tabak mit Schimmel

Whereas flavored tobaccos need a little more moisture than natural tobaccos. However, in both cases, moisture should only be added when the tobacco has really become too dry. With flavored tobaccos, the tobacco should still feel a bit "soft" - but by no means sticky or even wet. Natural blends - especially those with Latakia - may quietly start to "rustle". However, the tobacco should also not become so dry that it crumbles to dust when touched. If one were to measure the humidity, the value should not exceed 55%.

Humidrole or Boveda packs

If the tobacco has nevertheless become too dry, there are various ways to humidify it again. But this really only as a very last solution! There are simple Humidrole, which are soaked with water, and are placed in the tobacco pack. It is important here, however, that the Humidrol is removed from the tobacco again when the tobacco is sufficiently moistened.


The well-known Boveda packs also provide the necessary moisture. Here you should also make sure to remove the pack again when the tobacco is moistened.


Be careful with old home remedies!

Basically, one should refrain from home remedies "From grandfather's time". So if you want to avoid mold, do not use potato-apple or orange peels for moistening.

Pipe tobacco feels most comfortable if you let it air off and dry as needed, then transfer it to a relatively airtight glass jar. Here, the tobacco does not need to be re-moistened even if opened regularly, and it can ripen wonderfully.

Tabak im Behälter

Basically, it can be said that pipe tobacco feels much more comfortable dry than when it is too moist. But also the smoking behavior of your pipe will thank you little moisture and give you a great smoking pleasure.

Many thanks to Patrick Furrer for the photo with the moldy tobacco.


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