Pipe storage: do's and don'ts.

When storing your pipe, there are some rules that you should definitely know. We therefore present the most common variants and reveal which beginner's mistakes you should avoid at all costs. 

If you have just started smoking a pipe, many procedures and rules are still unfamiliar to you. Even after smoking and cleaning the pipe, you can still make capital mistakes. In fact, if you let your pipe rest incorrectly or for too short a time, you will soon feel the negative effects of it. In order to maintain the quality of your pipe as on the first day, we have collected and listed the most important do's and don'ts for storage for you:

What you should keep in mind when storing your pipe

  • Be careful when storing your pipe and protect it from negative external influences such as moisture, direct sunlight or dust.
  • In order for your pipe to dry properly after each smoke, it should definitely be stored in such a way that air exchange can take place.
  • Optimal for storage is a typical room temperature around 20° Celsius. It is also important that the pipe is not exposed to violent temperature changes.
  • In general, your pipe should rest between two smokes, at best even several days, until it is perfectly dry. However, at least 24 hours should lie in between.

What to avoid when storing your pipe

  • Do not store your pipe in airtight containers or packaging such as plastic bags. Otherwise, the pipe will not be able to dry out sufficiently before the next use.
  • Basically, take care of the pipe. So protect it from physical stress or falls. The best way to do this is to find special storage places for your pipe.
  • The pipe should therefore also be stored in such a way that it is as far as possible out of the reach of children. This is for the benefit of both the children and your pipe.

If you can think of a place in your home that meets all these requirements, you can use it for storage with a clear conscience. If this is not the case, or you are simply interested in stylish storage, special accessories might be for you.

Pipe cabinets

The most classic version are pipe cabinets, which let your pipes shine in all their glory. Usually, these cabinets are made of wood and have glazed doors to show off your pipes enough. Don't worry: the custom made pipe cabinets provide enough air contact for the pipe to dry properly. 

For storing other accessories, such as a pipe tamper, filters or the tobacco, the cabinets offer additional drawers. This way, you have your set collected in one place and save yourself from annoying searches. Another advantage: Pipe cabinets can also be ordered as wall models. A real optical highlight!

Pipe rack

Pipe stands are devices that primarily ensure that your pipe does not fall over when not in use. You can use them, for example, to properly position the pipe in the pipe cabinet. Another function concerns the cooling time between smoking and subsequent cleaning. For this purpose, pipe stands are ideal for storing the pipe during this period.


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