Ashton VSG (Virgin Sun Grown)

Ashton VSG (Virgin Sun Grown)

The American Robert Levin founded the Ashton brand in 1985 and has been highly successful worldwide since then. They have been produced totally a mano (hand-rolled) by the most skilled Torcedores (rollers), including at the renowned Arturo Fuente factory in the Dominican Republic. The Nicaraguan Ashtons (then known as Paradiso and Benchmade) are manufactured at Tabacalera Garcia by Don Pepin Garcia.

The finest and richest tobaccos from the Dominican Republic are used for the filler and binder, giving Ashton VSG (Virgin Sun Grown) its unique complexity. The premium cigars are finished with a dark and oily wrapper from Ecuador. Only the top leaves, those that have been exposed to the sun for an extended period, are used. This makes the wrapper "oily" and imparts a lot of strength to the cigar. Carlos Fuente Jr. (Carlito) is responsible for this blend; he assembled the Dominican tobaccos that had been aged for four to five years. The result is a perfect balance of complexity and character – or as Carlito would say, "Muy delicioso!"

In terms of flavor, the VSG stands significantly above the other series. They offer a full and complex aroma, perfected by the use of 6 (!) different tobaccos and their years of aging, resulting in a well-balanced and impressive experience.

The name Ashton was derived from the famous pipe maker William Ashton Taylor, who crafts excellent pipes in England. Given the melodious name's success in the tobacco industry, which was already used for a tobacco of the same name, it was a natural choice to give this name to top-notch cigars as well. Thus, the name Ashton guarantees perfect quality in all areas of the tobacco world.

In addition to the VSG, the Ashton line also includes the Maduro, Classic, ESG, and Cabinet series.

Reviews from cigar magazines:

  • A multiple award-winning line, which received not only the Cigar Trophy for the best cigar from the Dominican Republic but also multiple "Brilliant" awards.
  • The Cigar Journal wrote: "For those seeking full-bodied cigars and an intoxicating taste experience with a complex, long finish, the Ashton VSG offers just that... It is a perfect cigar that unleashes a peacock tail of flavors on the palate."

As often happens in life, true treasures reveal themselves when one looks beyond the familiar; otherwise, one might miss out on delights like the Ashton VSG. Since its inception, Ashton has been known for its consistently high-quality hand-rolled cigars. Until this day, Ashton continues to use a golden-brown Connecticut wrapper and a blend of mature Dominican tobaccos to create a medium-bodied cigar that impresses even the most experienced smokers. But the creator did not rest on his laurels.

On the market, there is a small but growing segment of connoisseurs seeking a full-bodied, robust, and fiery cigar. Carlos Fuente Jr. spent two years developing this product and created a cigar with an incredible taste and aroma so powerful that we recommend smoking it while sitting down. The wrapper is of deep color, made from hand-selected, sun-ripened tobacco grown by the Oliva family in Ecuador. This wrapper is often fermented and is dark, oily, and powerful like a mule kick. This tobacco had never been grown on this farm until the legendary Angel Oliva discovered it and decided it was the best place to plant wrapper leaves. The binder and filler are artful blends of full-flavored, strong leaves, and very old Dominican tobaccos from the Fuente farms. The end product is aged for a full six months before being rolled into a cigar. Ashton VSG is not for everyone. It is meant for the cigar connoisseur who desires a full-bodied, robust cigar that leaves an unforgettable impression. Carlito has put this cigar together in his own way and has once again proven that he is the master of it. In the February issue of Cigar Insider, one of the leading newsletters published by Cigar Aficionado, it says: "... connoisseurs are choosing the new Ashton Virgin Sun Grown with a fervor not seen in the industry for years ..." Cigar Insider reported an unprecedented demand for VSG "since the end of the cigar boom." After conducting a tasting, the magazine awarded the VSG a rating of 93, one of the highest ratings a non-Cuban brand has ever received.

Manufacturing types

Logo Abkürzung Beschreibung
MM MM Machine Made (vollkommen von Maschinen hergestellte Zigarren, daher das Fabriksymbol)
HAM HAM Hecho a Mano, d.h. dies ist eine Mischform – die Einlage mit der Maschine, das Deckblatt von Hand überrollt
TAF TAF Totalmente a Mano, d.h. komplett von Hand hergestellt ABER mit gerissener Einlage (dies ist die offizielle Bezeichnung der Kubaner dafür)
TAM TAM Totalmente a Mano, komplett von Hand hergestellt mit ganzen Blättern

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