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New cigar from the 2 new blends. This stick taste blend pumpkin...... Not my idea of good cigars but tastes is and stays personal.
Great new cigar from the international community Las Vegas. Thanks to who made it possible for me to taste this cigar.
Liga Privada No.9 Oscuro Robusto Nicaragua »Drew Immobilien   Liga Privada No.9 Oscuro Robusto   Liga Privada ist eine wunderbare Linie von Zigarren, die von ge-agede Tabak hergestellt werden. Der Tabak ist aus sieben verschiedenen Bauern. Liga Privada bedeutet "private Mischung. Die Linie wird so genannt, weil die Zigarre zunächst nur für das Management von Drew Immobilien gedacht waren, und nicht zum Verkauf. Oscuro repräsentiert die dunkle Wrapper, die zu sitzen schwarz verhindert. Wrapper: Connecticut Broadleaf Dunkel Binder: Mata Fina Innerhalb Gut: honduranische, und Cuban Nicraguaans Geschmack: Opulent, erdig und Espresso Stärke: Mittel bis Voll     Länge: 127 mm Ringmass: 54 (21.43 mm)
One with a perfect taste and strength of the best cigar brand if I had to choose
This cigar is a cuba tasting, but medium bodied cigar with a taste of his own. Sweet when you take a puff that's change in leather and the dry grass. No pepper I can't find but that's personal. Really good stick with a good price. ©SmokingBandit!
Like the Natural is the Maduro for the price a great smoke and really a Nicaragua tasting Maduro made by A.J. Fernandez. ©SmokingBandit!
Review Reposado 96 Estate Blend Natural Toro created by A.J. Fernandez in command of Dutch Meier & who also Diesel, Man O War and Sons Of Anerchy. Habano wrapper, Binder and Filler Nicaragua Nicaragua. A topper after my opinion! No bittrerbal Ole pancake
Great cigar construction wise as smoking in particular way, with a creamy taste or feeling smoke. It's a puro Nicaragua with a Havana Subido wrapper, Subido stand for deep in the meaning of color, binder Nicaragua, filler Nicaragua, size 5*54 so lots of pleasure that how I feel about it. One to try and stay! ©SmokingBandit!
This great cigar looks like heavy duty but when you get into it it's a friendly but not a full body what you expect. The first impression is that it must slowly warm up and losts of flavors will come by, and with the size and gauge you easy enjoying 1,5 our flavors come by like coffee chocolate and lots more. It's a cigar in my top ten list.
This is a great cigar and price for the size and taste that's something else that you expect from a maduro.
No more words then just smoke a couple because the price....
Lovely cigar and how it's done to make this perfect smoke.
Great construction perfect smoke out put and not complex of taste But change of the taste enough. Again a cigar to stay in the humidor!
Review Dutch and can only say TRY THIS GREAT CIGAR!
Don Pepin Paradiso Robusto Puro Nicaragua Classico. Great and even better than great love it and long time ago I had a stick like this!
A perfect puro Panama Gordo cigar, and burning is a thing to keep attention but that's smoking a cigar so.. Taste is one of a kind and won't try to describe it just TRY ONE!
Great combination of Indonesia and Nicaragua, it's a complete new experience of flavors.
Great blend wrapper Indonesia binder Indonesia filler Dominican Republic also made their. Love this one stay in my humidor.
Perfect blend of Indonesian wrapper and binder with filler Dominican Republic. From the start the taste like to full body and change from pepper to sweat coffee /chocolate. Construction is perfect so it's a stick that stays in my humidor! @Guusfoto ™©SmokingBandit!
The better version of Añejo 18 and flavors i don't talk about because my opinion is taste is different for each person. But can't imagine that someone doesn't like the cigar.

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