S.T. Dupont Ultra Jet Tischfeuerzeug

S.T. Dupont Ultra Jet Tischfeuerzeug

S.T. Dupont
Ultra Jet Table lighter

Its Very powerful jetflame allows an efficient lighting in all conditions.

The big brother of the successful Jet family is an ideal gift for any event; to light a candle for a romantic occasion or an ultimate reward for a cigar smoker.

This new modern and convenient S.T. DUPONT table lighter is a perfect décor object.

Design and functionality:
A graphic, sober and contemporary design, is a perfect match in all home interiors. Subtle and soft curves allow a friendly use and silky feeling. And for the first time, a combined movement in 2 stage gives a secured lighting and insures an ergonomic and simple use.

Line: ULTRAJET Lighter
Color: black/grey/White
Finish: Lacquer

Mit diesem Produkt erweitert S.T.Dupont ihre beliebte Maxijet-Serie.

Fazit: Endlich ein schönes, funktionelles Tischfeuerzeug mit Jetflame, das man nicht verstecken muss. 

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