Romeo y Julieta

Romeo y Julieta

The Romeo y Julieta brand is one of the most well-known Habanos brands globally, alongside Cohiba and Montecristo. The name itself immediately evokes William Shakespeare's famous play, and the variety of formats offers the right cigar for every occasion. The blend of Romeo y Julieta cigars is mostly medium-bodied, with a balanced combination of various flavors, ranging from aromatic-fruity, nutty, woody, to dark chocolate and robust toasty notes.

Romeo y Julieta Cigars: These varieties you should know

The most famous cigar in the brand's portfolio is the Churchill. There are now three derivatives of this classic cigar, each having an additional golden ring with its respective name. The Short Churchill is a classic Robusto, the voluminous Wide Churchill, and the 2012 newcomer, Petit Churchill, a Petit Robusto with a length of only 102 mm, ideal for when you have limited time. All members of the Churchill family are also available in practical aluminum tubes.

Other recommended classics in the Romeo y Julieta lineup are the Belicosos, well-balanced Piramides in the brand's typical style, as well as the Exhibition No. 4, a magnificent Hermoso No. 4 (RM 48, 127 mm) that leaves nothing to be desired in terms of taste. Those who prefer a more robust smoke should try the Cazadores. This seemingly harmless Parejo (RM 44, 169 mm) is recommended only for experienced smokers, preferably after a good meal.

Interesting facts about the brand

Romeo y Julieta was introduced by Inocencio Álvarez Rodríguez and José "Manin" García in 1850. It was officially registered as a brand in 1873. As expected, the name is inspired by William Shakespeare's famous tragic love story. At that time, the tragedy was a favorite among the torcedores (cigar rollers), who would listen to it during their working hours from the "Lectores de Tabaquerías" (readers in the tobacco factories).

Originally, the brand was established to produce cigars for the domestic market. Its current worldwide fame was achieved under the leadership of José Rodríguez Fernández, better known as "Don Pepin," who acquired the brand in 1903. Thanks to his efforts and business acumen, Romeo y Julieta became the leading global brand in just a few years. At one point, the portfolio included over 40 different formats, including two other Julietas No. 2, also named after prominent statesmen: the Prince of Wales and the Clemenceau, both adorned with a golden ring. Unfortunately, these two formats are no longer in production and have become extremely rare.

To commemorate the 125th anniversary of the brand, 125 high-quality special humidors were produced, each containing 25 Romeos (a Perfecto) and 25 Exhibition No. 2 (a powerful Prominentes). The Exhibition No. 2 was later introduced as one of the first Edición Limitadas in the year 2000. It was so popular that a reissue was produced in 2001, and the same year saw another Romeo y Julieta released as an Edición Limitada, this time a Robusto. This was followed by additional limited editions in 2003 (Hermoso No. 1), 2004 (Hermoso No. 2), 2007 (Escudos), and 2009 (Duke).

The porcelain jar introduced in 2010, containing 25 Short Churchills, has already become a sought-after collector's item. Only 300 of these exquisite jars reached the German market and are unfortunately no longer available today.

  • Tasting: Bolivar Coronas Extra Cabinet & Romeo y Julieta Wide Churchill
    Marc Benden und Mitarbeiter Niko Alexandridis verkosten diesmal zwei Habanas. Zum einen testet Marc die Bolivar Corona Extra aus der Cabinet-Kiste. Eine kräftige Pfeffrige Zigarre. Niko raucht diesmal eine etwas mildere Habana, die Romeo & Julieta Wide Churchill.

Manufacturing types

Logo Abkürzung Beschreibung
MM MM Machine Made (vollkommen von Maschinen hergestellte Zigarren, daher das Fabriksymbol)
HAM HAM Hecho a Mano, d.h. dies ist eine Mischform – die Einlage mit der Maschine, das Deckblatt von Hand überrollt
TAF TAF Totalmente a Mano, d.h. komplett von Hand hergestellt ABER mit gerissener Einlage (dies ist die offizielle Bezeichnung der Kubaner dafür)
TAM TAM Totalmente a Mano, komplett von Hand hergestellt mit ganzen Blättern

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